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​Purchase Terms and Conditions:

When you buy a product you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Because minecraft vanilla problems when you change your nickname your product will reamin in the previous nick and you will lose all of your products and details until you change your nick back to the previous nick. We are not responsible to move your deatils to the new nick and you will only have your products in the nick that you enterd when buying the product or the user you used when buying the prodcut!
  2. Please be online in trminigames.fluctis.com:25713 minecraft server and make sure your name is spelled correctly. If you spell your name wrongly or you are not online on trminigames.fluctis.com:25713 minecraft server the website can return an error after payment and the server will not execute the commands needed to give you the product, We MAY be NOT responsible for that!
  3. Each product on our store is still a DONATION. After you have recieved the item you will recieve NO refunds from the reason you just want them to the reason you get permanently banned! We wil not try to ban you, You will get an extremely lower chance to be warned/kicked/jailed/banned after buying, But if you break the rules many times we will warn/kick/jail/ban you WITHOUT a refund.

Purchase Refund Policy:

No buyer-requested refunds. Refunds will be only sent incase any reason mentiond on the Purchase Terms And Conditions.

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