Started by RedstoneMic The Redstone Minigames on Mar 9, 2016

The Redstone Minigames is shutting down

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3 years ago

Im very sad to say that The Redstone Minigames is shutting down.

As you may know minecraft servers are yet a hard work which can't be done automaticlly, Ive done working on it. I agree i can hire more staff and etc, But i just dont want to come everyday and join minecraft instead of enjoying my life and pay each month for something i even dont use much and not taking care of my buisness i again pay for

I found that i should make maps which run automaticlly (like adventure maps) which work automaticlly without the need of watching them. Also, Last days i didnt even played minecraft as i am hooked to other games now. I acknowledge that i send a history out of my window, but sadly, i cant survive working on TRM anymore, even with 1k staff i would need to work hard to keep my server working, and again, i pay for TRM every month. 

I hope overall you enjoyed The Redstone Minigames.

I remember it as it started as a private server

And the moment of the first player joining for the first time (Speedk3)



Want the map? i will send a download link within a few days :)


3 years ago

Well this is bippity boppity fliggiming great.


But have you tried contacting other willing players to take over/pay?

3 years ago

Well i'l send the map when i will be home so someone else can with a credit host it

3 years ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! IT WILL BACK? IM HOPE SO..... D: im was 1 of the firsts players to join the server




3 years ago

and this is the first minecraft server that my second player (dhtdht020) joined


dhtdht020 will remember that...

dhtdht010 will host that...

dhtdht030 still dreaming to be minecraft player but stuck in roblox...

everyone hates to verify the 'Im not robot' captcha...



i will host it....

3 years ago

Yes the shut down is forever, and im sorry for a long delay for sending the map

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