Started by bvyans123 bvyans123 on Feb 28, 2016


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3 years ago

By the title, I mean that at the time of me writing this, the server's been shut down. At the same time though, 1.9 is going to be released in a few days. Is the server closing in response to prepare for the new MInecraft Version?

3 years ago

I miss you, trm, are you going down forever or is it just a update to 1.9? Please don't shut it forever, I really love this server!

3 years ago

The reason of the shutdown is not 1.9, its because we wanted a break from our "hackers club" we try to moderate everyday. Like a man that is breaking the law without getting caught, It is the same that we have alot of hackers active each day in TRM without our eyes on them.

Anyway, I am happy to say that we are back up. Hopefully we will not have wanted players anymore, As i dont want to continure paying for a "hackers club". Anyway, If we will see that TRM still seem to have alot of cheaters online, We will shut down forever. But for now and hopefully for alot of time, we are back up!

3 years ago

3 years ago

Since you seem to not enjoy this "Hacker's Club," then here's a bit of information.

Vanilla Servers will always have more hackers than most servers, mostly because hackers see Vanilla Servers as easy to hack on with the lack of NoCheat Plug-Ins and other things. But, there are alternatives to help lessen the pain of this.

1. Come up with a [better] cheating contraption. I already know that you have one in place, but it would benefit greatly if it's improved on.

2. Hire more staff. From what I've seen, the server only has three staff members. Because of that, you're putting more pressure on yourself by placing more work on yourselves then spreading out the work.

3. Build a more stabilized and larger community. A larger community will be more likely to help record, report, and ban hackers. By doing so you're able to catch hackers without even needing to go on the server 24/7.

4. Be more strict. Most servers (especially most Vanilla Servers) fail to understand the fact that hacking is not simply a rule, and may sometimes allow hackers to be unbanned when they post a half-assed report such as "Ohhh I've learned my lesson pls unban i wont hax agian." Letting hackers know that once they're banned, they'll stay banned is a good initiative to take.


I also understand that a server isn't exactly free. However, you've already received some donations as well. I'd suggest you start pushing on advertising and such.

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